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My Cat and the Holy Spirit

Yes. That is the title. Before you write this post off, stay with me for a sec. Finding the time for my daily quiet time and Bible reading has been difficult lately. We've hit a few snags in the closing process for our newly built house, and subsequently have had to move in with my in-laws for several weeks. It has been great getting to spend time with them and they have enjoyed all of baby girl's newest antics, but in their beautiful two-bedroom house finding a time or place to do the necessary spiritual and physical self-care that is sorely needed in this season of life seems difficult.

And our cat.

He's here with us, sequestered to the guest bathroom for the duration of our stay due to the adorable yet, demanding Yorkies that belong to my in-laws. Now cat lovers, before you call PETA on us, this bathroom is nice. And HUGE. He has a fresh supply of food and water and a very tidy litter box.

We don't really find a specific time during the day to go there and hang out with him outside of regular trips to the W.C.. Zac isn't really a cat person and I have a 16 month old on my hands. 'Nough said. That being said, I love it when I go back to the bathroom and he's there, happy to see me.

This morning when I woke up, I rolled over in bed and immediately started scrolling through Instagram (granted, not the best way to start the day). I saw a post from my friend Jenny, on how God was using the small and everyday ordinary to open her eyes to His greatness. Hmmm I thought. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. There was my cat. Through my frazzled out bed head and bleary eyes I saw him softly twining himself around my ankles, meowing at me, reminding me that I have that all-consuming task to do of feeding him breakfast.

So how does my cat tie into reminding me of the Holy Spirit?

He's always there, even if I can't physically see or tangibly feel Him.

He reminds me that each day starts with the intention to get up, do, and love.

He's gentle (most of the time).

He's loving and forgiving, even when I allow clutter to gobble up time I should spend with Him.

He reminds me that no matter how busy I feel, the time that I spend with him - however short - doesn’t have to suffer in quality.

He reminds me that He is the most important thing in my life. (The Spirit that is; although I'm sure my cat feels this way too.)

He reminds me that even when life appears to be too much, too cluttered, too uncontrollable, that His love remains. That he is the still, small voice, calling me to a purpose on higher ground above the wants and the worry.

I'm going to try - with His grace - to finish out these last few days here at the in-law's house with purpose, gentleness and love.

Thanks for the reminder, kitty. And thank you, Jesus.

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